Workshop in Mindfulness

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Hello everybody,


After a Workshop in Mindfulness that was held Saturday 31st of January at CNAM , a 8 week full Stress Reduction Program for CNAM will be launched , with the following dates:


·         Feb: 21, 28

·         March: 7,21,28

·         April: 4, 18,25

·         Half-day of practice:  Sunday 19th of April (am or pm , to be defined together).


If you want to register for the full 8 week program , please use the live form :


        Program registration



Link to the 8 week program flyer :  8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program


Some outcomes and objectives of the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program 

At the end of the program participants will:

·         Be inspired & Learn to enhance their performance and well-being through mindfulness

·         Discover neuroscience & Understand how the brain can be shaped and changed through the never-ending neuroplasticity

·         Understand mindfulness by acquiring methods that will help to maintain focus and attention and deliver results

·         Learn how to deal with emotions by recognizing, accepting & mastering emotional reactions

·         Become a wiser decision maker under pressure by developing the ability to remain in the eye of the storm

·         Learn from others by connecting with likeminded pairs

·         Develop authentic leadership by developing the courage to act according to your values


The full program has a a special CNAM cost of 150 € (instead of the standard 450 €), for 25 hours of training (including a Practice manual & audio CD), that is 6 € / training hour.

If you didn't have the chance to attend the workshop but are still interested in the program, please pre-register & contact me so that we can have a phone chat.





Mob: 0611208912