Mindfulness Workshop in English by Eugenio Correnti

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The first cooperative activity being organized by IIMAA and our alumni in 2015 for IIM schoolmates.

What’s your New Year resolution?

Do you want to learn how to be a mindful leader in today's fast paced, ever changing "always connected" corporate world ? 

Do you want to learn some tools to better manage your stress, anxiety, small & big fears of everyday life ?

How to better connect/unite your mind & body, in order to have an increased quality of presence and being ?

If you answer yes to at least one of these 3 questions, then you should join me for an experential workshop in Mindfulness.

In order to participate in the workshop, you have to register through the following link:  

For the Workshop, you should wear confortable clothes/fit 

Mindfulness is the ability to engage with the present moment without stress provoking negative judgments & it is a huge revolution happening right now. 
It is not an external revolution, since no big  outside change is to be expected, but instead a potential massive revolution happening inside, with a new way of perceiving things, more colored, creative & wiser.

To have more information about this revolution please find the link to this article from Time Magazine : The Mindful Revolution - Time USA

Eugenio Correnti is a quadrilingual Yoga & Mindfulness instructor and MBA graduate of CNAM (2008). 

​Saturday 31/01/2015 from 2pm to 4pm30
2 rue Conté 75003 PARIS : CNAM campus  - Salon d’honneur
(M° Arts-et-Métiers - lines 3 & 11)
Confirm your attendance by mail to: (or via the registration link)