Graduation Ceremony 2015

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Thomas Durand

Education is the strongest tool against the barbarians. We shall continue to carry out our mission with conviction!

Keep in touch with CNAM, dear graduates, because WE CARE! 

Two strong messages were shared by the Director of Management Innovation Prospective Department Mr Thomas Durand, on the 9th January 2015 - the historic day for France when our country was attacked by the terrorists; the historic day for hundreds of CNAM MIP Graduates when our annual graduate ceremony was celebrated.

On this special day, we showed that WE ARE NOT AFRAID! WE ARE STRONGER THAN THE TERRORISTS!

We shall continue to participate the construction of a peaceful, respective, collaborative and joyful world FOR ALL!  

 Ready? One ...  Two ...  Three!
         Awarding of diplomas                        Ready? One...                              Two ...                              Three!                                         Go!